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2017-7-2 14:39:33        


1200 P/1680m Lane RO-PAX Ship named New Shidao Pearl built by Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was successfully launched dated July 2, 2017.


MV New Shidao Pearl is another brand new luxury RO-PAX Ship sailing in China-Korea line built for Huajia International Shipping Co., Ltd. owned by Shidao Group and is showing a deeper cooperation between Huanghai Shipyard and Shidao Group after the first brand new building of MV Huadong Pearl VIII, which is indicating that both Parties have made an important step in broadening the strategic cooperation.


This Ship has a total length of 170 m, molded breadth of 26.2 m and gross weight of 20, 000 T, and the passenger capacity is 1200 P and the length of lane is 1680 m. This ship is classified with KR and is to be intended for a short international navigation between Shidao, China and Kunsan, Korea and for carrying passengers, cars, motor trucks and container trailers. She is arranged with some recreation spaces such as supermarket, duty-free shop, bar, chess & card room, KTV room, cinema, etc. This Ship is built in accordance with the latest Rules of SRTP, Vibration and Noise Reduction and Energy Saving and Environment Protection.

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