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2016-12-6 14:30:16        

800 P CONPAX Ship named Ocean Blue Whale built for Bohai International Ferry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. by Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was successfully launched dated Dec. 6, 2016. This is a deeper cooperation between Huanghai Shipyard and Bohai Ferry after those delivered ten Ro-Pax Ships. MV Ocean Blue Whale is the eleventh ship with brand new design and the largest deadweight in the world under the cooperation of both Parties, which is also increasingly enriching our experience in passenger-cargo ships and at the same time unveils a new cooperation between Huanghai Shipyard and Bohai Ferry. This Ship is also the third one of those five new buildings sailing in China-Korea Line built by Huanghai Shipyard.


This Ship has a total length of 182.6 m, molded breadth of 25.2 m, molded depth of 12.1 m and gross weight of 19, 000 T, and this ship will carry 800 passengers and 460 containers. The max. ship speed will be 23 knots. It’ll be equipped with two sets of MAN B&W 9S50ME-C8.5 Tier II low speed diesel engines, two CPPs, two flap type rudders, fin stabilizer and anti-heeling tanks. This ship will be in compliance with SOLAS 2009, the latest SRTP Rules, new requirements on container lashing and is a modern CONPAX Ship with the biggest deadweight in the world.


MV Ocean Blue Whale will be built as a CONPAX Ship intended for international service between China and South Korea and will carry passengers and containers. This ship will be arranged with some recreation spaces, such as duty-free shop, bars, cinema, KTV room, game machine room, chess & card room, cafeteria, weather BBQ, as well as VIP cabins and Tatami rooms. MV Ocean Blue Whale pays much more attention to passengers experience and comfort as well as entertainment and has a bigger loading capacity and flexibility.


At present ships sailing in China-South Korea Line are almost the second hand ships with more than 20 years old, so problems of fuel, environment protection, noise as well as safety are increasingly exposed. Based on relevant regulations Huanghai Shipyard will help to thoroughly replace the older ships with new ones sailing in China-South Korea Line, and up to now five brand new ship types will be put into service for China-South Korea Line. The first new building of MV Huadong Pearl VIII has been put into service in November, 2016, and the second one MV Oriental Pearl VIII has safety returned to the port after her successful sea trial recently.

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