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2016-7-6 14:58:44        



The luxury RO-PAX Ship named Oriental Pearl VIII built for Dandong International Shipping Co., Ltd. by Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was successfully launched dated July 6.


Following four pieces of 500TEU Container Ships and ten pieces of 600TEU Container Ships built for Dandong International Shipping, Oriental Pearl VIII is another great achievement made by the deepen cooperation between Dandong International Shipping and Huanghai Shipyard. This Ship has a total length of 185 m, molded breadth of 25.8 m and gross tonnage of 24, 000 T, and the passenger capacity is 1500 P and the length of lane is 1400 m. This ship is to be intended for a short international navigation and for carrying passengers, cars, motor trucks and container trailers. Its arranged with some recreation spaces such as supermarket, tax free shop, bar, cinema, chess & card room, KTV, etc.


In order to intensify navigational safety this Ship not only satisfies the latest Rules of SRTP but also is equipped with advanced anti-heeling system improving its stability and hull strength, increasing cargo hold ventilation, fire fighting capacity and providing ECDIS to ensure safe sailing.  


Now Huanghai Shipyard holds the order of five RO-PAX Ship sailing between China and Korea. With the overall development of new generation of Ro-Pax Ships sailing between China and Korea, passenger traveling and freight service between China and Korea will be driven to a new step, and it will provide a more convenient channel for trade, passenger flow and physical distribution and will have a positive influence on the development of China-Korea FTA and the construction of blue economic zone in Shandong peninsula.



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