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The luxury RO-PAX Ship named “Huadong Pearl VIII” built for Huadong Shipping Co., Ltd. by Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was successfully launched dated April 22. it’s estimated that this Ship will be delivered in August, and at that time “Huadong Pearl VIII” will be the first brand new luxury RO-PAX Ship sailing in Sino-Korean course.


This Ship has a total length of 196 m, molded breadth of28.6 mand gross weight of 34, 000 T, and the passenger capacity is 1500 P and the length of lane is2500 m. This ship is to be intended for a short international navigation and for carrying passengers, cars, motor trucks and container trailers. Its arranged with some recreation spaces such as supermarket, free-tax shop, bar, coffee bar, cinema, chess & card room, KTV, gymnasium, etc. and equipped with two passenger lifts, deluxe cabins with balconies, a landing area on which a helicopter can directly land. Its configuration is in between present Ro-Pax ships and cruise ships.


With the increasing economic and trade cooperation and communication between ChinaandKorea, the service of new types of Ro-Pax ships sailing betweenChinaandKoreato be built by Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. will facilitate the cultural communication and trade contacts betweenChinaandKorea.


Now we have a total number of 22 large scale Ro-Pax Ships in our shipyard which are under construction and already delivered, and production operations of large scale Ro-Pax Ships have been internationalized, serialized and specialized with macro-scale operations. With the premium product performance and good quality of Ro-Pax Ships the brand of “Huanghai Shipbuilding” has been improved to a higher level in domestic and foreign shipping markets. Furthermore the Ro-Pax Ship with dual purposes for military and civil is a representative product and has been furnished and put into service in the field of military products.



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